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About Jack Stewart:


Jack and his wife of 45 years, Jan, have three children and four grandchildren. Jack graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Civil Engineering and went on to become a Licensed Professional Engineer. He worked for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation for 31 years and then in the private sector. He also served on the Yukon Traffic Commission prior to his recent 12-year tenure as Canadian County Commissioner. He has overseen the design, construction, and maintenance of over 300 road miles since April 2010. Jack has been a resident of Canadian County for over 40 years, investing his time, energy and career working to improve the lives of neighbors and strengthen local infrastructure. Jack Stewart is uniquely qualified with the experience to lead as we begin a new era of representation for our local region!


Jack Stewart is a board member serving on the Central Oklahoma Water Resources Authority and the Yukon Veteran Museum. He is on the Citizens Advisory Board of the Canadian County’s Juvenile Justice Center, and is Chairman of the Wheatland Resource Conservation and Development Association. His longterm record of service demonstrates his unwavering commitment to improving his neighbor’s lives via public service. 

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